Say Hello to CosmoTrips, Your New Go-To Travel Service

By The Cosmo Editors

Say Hello to CosmoTrips, a Travel Concierge Service Tailor-Made for You and Your Crew

Cool destinations? Special Cosmo perks? We do allll the planning and booking for your next group getaway? Check, check, checkity-check.

Here at Cosmo HQ, we’ve been doing a little ~daydreaming~ about the golden days of vacay planning. Can you believe that there was once a time when traveling did not involve spending hours upon hours hunched over a screen in the weeks leading up to your trip, frantically googling all of the recs and downloading all of the apps? That back in the day, you could just…call up a travel agent (remember them?), tell them where you wanted to go, and boom—a perfectly-planned and vetted itinerary would appear in your inbox, as if by magic?

Well, guess what: We decided to bring that magic back. Allow us to introduce you to CosmoTrips, our new trip-booking biz in which we will be said travel agent for you—and you, in turn, will do absolutely zero work. No more rabbit hole-ing in search of the perfect spot for your first meal or Instagram deep-diving to try and figure out if that secret swimming hole actually exists. We are genuinely proud to be your CosmoTrip concierge, handling all of the curating and headaching for you and your entire crew—because you’ve got better things to do with your precious time!!!

If you want in (which, hi, we assume you do), you can book your first trip right here on this site. It’s literally that easy. Better yet, you don’t even have to drop cash for it all upfront, as you have the option to book through Klarna and then pay in installments.

As far as the trips themselves, we started with some of our favorite cities in the U.S. — Austin, New York, West Hollywood, and Charleston — but there are lots more destinations on the way. Each one of these two- and three-night itineraries has been crafted with a theme in mind (foodies, music-lovers, etc. we’ve got you all covered), and also filled with only the best places to stay, eat, and play, because we personally visited and vetted every single one—and we do not do meh. Did we throw in some exclusive perks and insider access while we were at it? Yes. Yes we did. Because now it’s your turn to travel like an editor.

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